About American Beauty & Cosmetology


Mr. Chun’s dream of enhancing the beauty community has not stopped since he started his beauty supply business in the small corner of a nail salon 15 years ago. He traveled five days a week to supply products all over the eastern and mideastern states with a variety of hair products and oils, in hopes to improve the quality of people’s life styles. Although he achieved success with his business supplying beauty chain stores, Mr. Chun still felt that he could do more to improve his customers’ knowledge of these products. He conversed with neighbors and friends to come to the conclusion that most people get their knowledge, or misinformation, of hair and skin through their personal hair stylists and skin care salon experts.

Mr. Chun wanted to create an opportunity for hair care professionals and stylists to be properly informed and share correct information with everyday people. If the people he supplied to do not know the benefits of the products they are using, the final clients would not either. He found that proper knowledge of the products being used would be key in achieving his career-long goal of improving the QOL of end users. By closely studying hair anatomy and active beauty product ingredients, he has now developed an enormous database of information, making him a renowned educator within the beauty community.

Through his experience and know-how, and the help of his two sons and his wife, Mr. Chun has now launched a new company called American Beauty & Cosmetology. Our company is dedicated to supplying only the best products, not only within the boundaries of the U.S., but also expanding worldwide into international territories. We are motivated to increase awareness of ingredients used and their specific beneficial purposes so that clients can make educated decisions when purchasing in the future.

It is our mission to provide the best salon products, backed with correct information and knowledge regarding their functionality and purpose, while always guaranteeing delivery times and customer service. As a family-owned business and multi-line professional salon distributor, we have always known the importance of great customer service and have practiced diligence with every one of our clients over the years. If given the opportunity to provide you with our services, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and absolute attention to your business needs.